#1 Somehow the snow curled off the roof without breaking and it’s incredibly satisfying to look at.


#2 “The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn’t obeying the laws of gravity.”

DustyMudflap / Via reddit.com

#3 “The shadow and slope make it look like he’s floating.”

tommytwooo / Via reddit.com

#4 How quickly will you go grab dominoes and try this out?


#5 When your mom is busy talking and doesn’t unlock the car:

iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare / Via imgur.com

#6 An ice sheet holding onto trees after a flood subsides

yitzilitt / Via reddit.com

#7 Human Figure by Emil Alzamora defies gravity in the most elegant way.

emilalzamora / Via instagram.com

#8 “This Japanese coin is so light it won’t even break the surface tension on water.”

chriskokura / Via reddit.com

#9 Understanding g-force is the most effective way to pass as a wizard.

GoPro / Via twitter.com

#10 Proof that the levitation spell, Wingardium Leviosa works when pronounced correctly

Jedi_JJ / Via reddit.com

#11 Don’t try this the next time you go bowling…

WellThatIsNeat / Via imgur.com

#12 A piece of driftwood that said “no” to actually drifting

Liskarialeman / Via reddit.com

#13 We should just consider cats the masters of breaking rules and laws.

maxandcats / Via imgur.com

#14 “The logical explanation is good timing but still, I have doubts.”

WizardLvl27 / Via imgur.com

#15 A fine example of a Fata Morgana, a mirage caused by changes in temperature which bends rays of light.

bart59 / Via reddit.com

#16 — “How unaccessible do you want the baskets to be?” — “Yes.”

Squeak_Squeakum / Via reddit.com

#17 “I have so many questions.”

amccune / Via reddit.com

#18 “My dog’s bone stands upright because of the way she chewed it.”

iBafoon / Via reddit.com

#19 How?

streetartmagic / Via twitter.com

#20 It’s getting ready to go Back to the Future.

karastopqueefing / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: tommytwooo / reddit.com, Jedi_JJ / reddit.com