I workout the same way I date on bumble…I literally do nothing and pray for results.
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Being single is cool until you open a perfect avocado at breakfast and u have no one to show it to.
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Imagine you fall in love with someone and they love you back.
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Being single a long period of time is dangerous. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t even wanna deal w/ people.
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Me : why is everyone together & I’m single
Also me : declines every date, takes 3-5 business days to reply & never smiles
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Yeah I date…
D. doing
A. all I can
T. to avoid catching feelings
E. ever again
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To All the Boys Who Wasted My Time But Still Watch My Instagram Story Every Single Day
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“ hOw ArE YoU Still SiNgle “
Im still single cause it’s so damn hard for me to actually be interested in somebody and when I finally am THEY fuck up lmao
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Dating is so stressful especially if you met on a night out like sure yeah I liked you when I was 6 tequila shots deep but what if I hate you when we’re sober? what then????
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I’ve probably spent a chill $2,000 in the past year and a half on dates and taking women out … and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Now I can see why dudes be telling y’all to just come chill at the crib.
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