PITCH: “Reverse Queer Eye” – Five straight men come to your house and absolutely destroy your life.
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The male equivalent of getting bangs is thinking about doing stand up
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I was crying and my bf said “look at yourself. You’re wearing your big hoops and this is not big hoop attitude” you right boo
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Was feeling mad bummed out all day so I ate sushi and a cheeseburger and a brownie sundae and the good news is I am now in too much physical pain to notice my emotions
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Am i stupid or does anyone else hold off having their lunch break for as long as possible? So then when i get back I have less time until i finish?????
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Just took a probiotic and an antibiotic. does this mean I am taking…nothing?
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spider-man: weird your rug looks just like a giant piece of paper
me: [sneaking up behind him with enormous cup] that is weird
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30-50 feral hogs? sounds like my dating history lmao
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Houseplants b like due to personal reasons i will be passing away…
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*eats soup* you’re telling me an alphabet made this?
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