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Girls will go to the library pull out their laptop, textbook, agenda, multicolored pens, 2 calculators and a large coffee then just sit on their phone for two hours
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100 level course prof: Attendance is mandatory, no phones allowed, 12 hours of homework/week, also we have 5 exams and one is in 9 days
500 level course prof: I illegally downloaded the texbook, I’ll send you the link. text me if you need anything. Do you guys wanna go kayaking?
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High school
(Teacher who barely got through school and managed to get a teaching degree): my name is Ms. Johnson and you will call me as such

(Professor who is a top individual in their field with multiple degrees, maybe a PHD): hey guys what’s up my name’s Matt
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Today in class this guy I was sitting next to had a bag of carrots & the entire class he kept throwing them into his backpack. I asked him what he was doing & he was like “oh sorry do u want one? they’re for Kent” and then just whips open his backpack to show his chinchilla Kent
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I just got out of a speeding ticket because I told the cop how I have 14 chem homework problems due at 11:59 and how I already failed this course once and he cut me off and told me to “just go… you don’t need this right now”
thank you jerry. you a real one.
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The plagiarism section of the syllabus is the same for every class, almost as if it was copied…..&…..pasted???
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Professor asked what “ghosted” meant and this girl said “what Brian over there did to me 3 weeks ago” it’s time for me to head on home
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My first college test I got a 68 and actually cried in the classroom.
Today I got a 52 on an exam and I took myself out for chicken tenders
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My professor handed back our 3 page film essays to my surprise I got a C after class I asked her why “you were supposed to write it about the movie The Emperor of Time.. you wrote it on The Emperor’s new Groove but it was kinda good so I didn’t fail you” so thats how im doing
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