“Buy the popcorn in the tall plastic container, and when you’re finished, buy a turkey leg. It fits perfectly in the popcorn container, so you aren’t stuck carrying a huge, greasy meat leg like a savage!”

“No muss, no fuss!”
l41a82ee89 / Via buzzfeed.com, erin_ashley_ / Via instagram.com

“Use mobile ordering on the Disney Parks app! There were many times the quick-service food lines were crazy long, so I would just order on the app and walk right up to the pick up window.”

vanessaf42c1a51a4 / Via buzzfeed.com, aperkydisgirl87 / Via instagram.com

“Ask any walk-up food spot for a cup of water. It’s always free, and you don’t have to buy a bottle or a souvenir cup.”

google_113495385264595780498 / Via buzzfeed.com, disneylandzine / Via instagram.com

“Use the inside line for Dole Whips, which is much shorter than the outside line. And then head to the snack shop across from the Jungle Cruise to get some free Tajin to sprinkle on it!”

“And all the Dole Whip flavors are vegan — they use coconut milk.”

seasonh2, darrahf / Via buzzfeed.com, disneylynxd / Via instagram.com

“If a restaurant offers a double burger option, get it and ask for a second bun — then you have two burgers for almost the price of one.”

“Also, a lot of the quick service burger bars have topping bars for the burgers, and I’ve seen people make legit side salads there. There’s usually really good fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and even sometimes a ranch dressing dispenser!”
s467734626 / Via buzzfeed.com, katiel4 / Via instagram.com

“Get the prepaid Disney Deluxe Dining Plan at Walt Disney World, which allows each guest 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, and use a ‘snack’ credit for a breakfast item such as fruit or cereal. That way, you save a ‘meal’ credit, and you can use a ‘double meal’ for dinner at one of the Signature Dining restaurants.”

bsaur7 / Via buzzfeed.com, hm_d_mmebb / Via instagram.com

“And if you’re using the dining plan, make reservations for restaurants that offer nighttime show packages. These packages include reserved seating for the show — which are usually an extra fee — for no extra charge on the dining plan. This way, you’ll get more food and better seats at no additional cost.”

puppyballerina2012 / Via buzzfeed.com, iveeonthewall / Via instagram.com

“And if you still have snack tokens leftover from your dining plan at the end of your trip, you can use them to purchase candy at most of the resort hotels to take home with you!”

princesspea09 / Via buzzfeed.com, staceyminnievanvacations / Via instagram.com

“If you eat at a table service restaurant — especially breakfast — bring a Ziploc bag to load in leftover pastries and keep in your backpack.”

“We ate pastries from breakfast during the fireworks, and it was wonderful!”

katieb411b69efa / Via buzzfeed.com, orderyourspaces / Via instagram.com

“Anyone can order off the kid’s menu! If you’re getting a burger or nuggets, always order them from the kid’s menu. It’s way cheaper, and you’ll save room to eat all of those delicious, Instagramable snacks.”

katiec40817eab3 / Via buzzfeed.com, sylviamonica_08 / Via instagram.com

“At Disneyland, the corn dog cart is a staple. But it comes with apple slices or chips, and the line is usually insanely long. Instead, head to the Stage Door Cafe where you can get the exact same thing with french fries and a shorter wait!”

nicoleg4e121b625 / Via buzzfeed.com, hungry_for_all_things_disney / Via instagram.com

“If you want to eat at Blue Bayou but also want to save money (prices are $35 and up per plate), they’ll allow you to split a plate. The portions are great, and will leave you feeling full.”

“Also, make reservations weeks in advance. They book up quickly!”

shawny87 / Via buzzfeed.com, fortworthfatso / Via instagram.com

“At Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, buy both the green and blue milk drinks, and ask for a third cup. You and a friend can share both drinks by swirling them together in two cups. This way, you can try both drinks AND an interesting (and delicious) flavor combination!”

shanna11 / Via buzzfeed.com, apdisney_cousins / Via instagram.com

“Get yourself on a meal schedule that’s outside of the usual times, so when everyone is sitting down for dinner, you’re walking straight onto Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Especially if you’re going to visit during the holidays. We waited in line for hours on New Year’s Eve for just the basic grab-and-go food places, and every food spot was packed.”
krbhadra, briannao3 / Via buzzfeed.com

“At Walt Disney World, the All Star Movies Resort has a secret menu. You can ask to see it, and they’ll give you a cute suitcase with a viewfinder of all the items included.”

sarah3fields / Via buzzfeed.com, tradzak / Via instagram.com

“Head to the Plaza Inn if you need kosher food options.”
“They also have a variety of foods that are food-allergy friendly.”

summerd4c1104779 / Via buzzfeed.com, idonnowhattoput / Via instagram.com

“Satu’li Canteen in Pandora at Disney World has an allergy-friendly menu, and you can get the kid’s cheeseburger pod meal in an adult portion if you ask.”

monika_leigh / Via buzzfeed.com, nicolenurseymouseware / Via instagram.com

“You can get vegetarian chili at Cozy Cone 3 in Cars Land at California Adventure. To make it vegan, just ask for it without cheese.”

laurad40702439f / Via buzzfeed.com, socaldisneyguy / Via instagram.com

“And you can get the Disney Parks recipes at City Hall on Main Street!”

lexiramsay / Via buzzfeed.com, mommaneedsadolewhip / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: hm_d_mmebb / instagram.com, hungry_for_all_things_disney / instagram.com