#1 This breakfast was, like, slightly unsettling:

batusoydeger / Via reddit.com

#2 This lil’ guy looked GREAT:

AkiNoSky / Via reddit.com

#3 This wife made her husband a pretty bangin’ playlist:

My Wife told me to check out the new playlist she made me from r/funny

#4 Siri had such a way with words:

Nitishboult / Via reddit.com

#5 This thief grabbed a snack:

SuperPixel / Via reddit.com

#6 These lemurs shared a spooky meal:

Y2SHAF, / Via twitter.com

#7 VSCO girls took over the internet and I oop:

#8 This woman tried kombucha for the first time and it was absolutely iconic:

#9 Giraffe Man™ left us with more questions than answers:

#10 This guy got the whole plane to himself???

#11 The fish WHOOSHED through the fish tube!!!

#12 This guy was asked an…unexpected question:

#13 This sloth was downright TERRIFYING:

#14 We were ALL swindled because Harry Styles won’t be playing Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid:

#15 And finally, dinnertime got a little ~musical~:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: bkkirby / twitter.com, AkiNoSky / reddit.com