#1 When you’ve been betrayed:

honshu7 / Via reddit.com

#2 When you’re excited to travel but they said no:

chubbyriri.cat / Via instagram.com

#3 “I’m not gonna ask you again. What is in your mouth?”

skatehair / Via twitter.com

#4 Nimbus met our dog for the first time. This is her being intimidating

211av8r / Via reddit.com

#5 “I ordered a lion costume for my dog from eBay. Well… it’s not what I expected.”

gregecky / Via twitter.com

#6 Went for a walk in the forest…

SnowFly666 / Via pikabu.ru

#7 “This is Thor. He thought he was going to the park. Even brought his teddy bear. But we just passed the park exit, and now he’s refusing to look at us.”

dog_rates / Via twitter.com

#8 “My parents’ new pupper misjudged his jump.”

scourgeobohem / Via reddit.com

#9 “This is Duffy. If you look closely, you can see exactly where the mud attacked him. Fortunately for the mud, there were no witnesses.”

dog_rates / Via twitter.com

#10 “My cat just had his first birthday party! He hated it.”

BigSnakeBlake / Via reddit.com

#11 Someone doesn’t like to take baths.

Migeul5 / Via reddit.com

#12 True pain can’t be faked.

Prostoilogin / Via pikabu.ru

#13 I had just finished saying, “I can’t believe she never falls in!”

catbrains420 / Via reddit.com

#14 “Sherlock isn’t allowed to eat sweets, so when I have tea, I put him on the balcony. Here’s what I usually see…”

Oksana.D / Via pikabu.ru.com

#15 When you’re sure they don’t give you enough food:

Poor pup, please free my boy from r/aww

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: gregecky / twitter.com