There’s a new guy at work starting called Wayne Bruce and I said “ah, my old nemesis ManBat” and nobody got it honestly i am wasted here
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I have a co-worker who likes to print out memes and put them on her office wall. I came in to ask her a question and saw a new pic of what I thought was Gordon Ramsay in a wig and said ‘who put that wig on Gordon Ramsay’ and it turns out it was a pic of her great aunt who passed
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Me: Sorry I’m late, I had to say goodbye to my dog today.
Co-worker: Oh, I’m so sorry. What happened?
Me: He just has a really bad day if I forget to say it.
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There is no pain greater than losing a loved one except for running into a co-worker outside of work
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Co-Worker : I Don’t Know How I’m Gone Get Home
Me : Damn..
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So my coworker is getting married tomorrow and we decorated her office and now we’re all in HR bc someone bought her lingerie and cuffs and she got offended
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Co-worker: I can’t find you on Facebook.
Me: I know. I found you first and blocked you.
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A guy at work today said “these millenniums or whoever they are” and shook his head and that was just the end of the thought for him but not even a little bit for me.
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Yesterday a co-worker’s email to the whole company began with this accidental declaration:
“Hell to all”
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co-worker: hey-
me: what is it I’m very busy
co-worker: your bluetooth is connected to the breakroom tv
[we keep eye contact as I try to pause shrek 2 but accidentally just turn up the volume]
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If I hear my adjacent co-worker refer to googling something as
“you have to do it in your google” one more fu*king time… I’m gonna be a new tier of sad and not do anything about it
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Co-worker: I’m 25. How old are you?
Me: 18
Co-worker: You’re such a baby.
Me: Wow, and yet we’re both at the same job doing the same thing.
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Had to act like I thought Amy Schumer was funny so my co-worker, who loves her, would take my shift.
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Me: I will not be awkward today
Co-worker: Hey!
Me: Good thanks!
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