#1 People turned a sexist tweet about Kirsten Dunst into a meme celebrating how versatile female actors can be.

#2 We were all very concerned for Noah Centineo.

#3 The Evil Queen at Disneyland proved that she is, indeed, a QUEEN.

#4 Twitter totally trolled Instagram ON INSTAGRAM and it was the perfect amount of shady.

twitter / Via instagram.com

#5 The same woman who gave us this, gave us this:

#6 People started a meme called “ur single to me.”

champagneswathi / Via twitter.com

jarvis / Via twitter.com

#7 Timothée Chalamet wore this to the Venice Film Festival and we all lost our damn minds.

#8 Billie Eilish unfollowed Tana Mongeau on Instagram and she made a 15 minute video to cope with her loss.

Tana Mongeau / Via youtube.com

#9 These water bottles gave us all nightmares.

zschultz / Via reddit.com

#10 Priyanka Chopra Jonas got Nick Jonas’s (aka her husband’s) age wrong on Instagram.

priyankachopra / Via instagram.com

#11 Some dudes doing some impressive seesaw work turned into a hilarious meme.

#12 People took President Trump’s use of a sharpie and absolutely ran with it.

#13 Two desk mates teamed up to give us *chef’s kiss* THIS.

saya_doge / Via reddit.com

#14 This kid’s dad got GOT.

#15 This adorable kitty that’s up for adoption captured our hearts with its very…*unique* facial markings.

The Mini Kitty Commune / Via facebook.com

#16 This guy made a special shirt for his girlfriend.

TheChin709 / Via reddit.com

#17 People on Twitter expressed what their weaknesses would be if they ever got robbed.

bkerogers / Via twitter.com

Lupinfan83 / Via twitter.com

#18 And finally, we found the Tik Tok that might give “Mr. Sandman Cat” a run for his money.

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: keithedwards / twitter.com, veryharryhill / twitter.com