#1 We all know who REALLY paved the way for VSCO girls:

#2 We all had a Facebook photo album called “school” (or “skool”, “skewl :)”, “sChOoL”, etc.):

#3 We’re starting to realize our younger siblings aren’t talking about that Ke$ha song:

#4 We f*ck with saving the environment AND being of legal drinking age!!!!!!

#5 “A Team” by Ed Sheeran holds a special place in our hearts and in our iTunes libraries:


#7 We’re on Facebook, but we’re not, like, ON on Facebook:

#8 While we don’t really relate to a lot of Gen Z trends, we don’t totally NOT relate to them either:

#9 We count playing Sims as a productive and beneficial part of our formative years:

#10 We have great senses of humor, actually!!!!!!

#11 We’re at the point in your life when we officially have all of these!!!

#12 We’re master multi-platform conversationalists:

#13 We’ve said “No problem” to a barista when there was, indeed, a problem:

#14 We rely on YouTube for any and all product reviews:

#15 And lastly, we were the target demographic during Disney Channel’s controversial and ~experimental~ phase:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: postgrad_barty / twitter.com