#1 This young person was not having it with dumb critiques of millennial parents.

nypost, DisneyCPT / Via twitter.com

#2 This person had words for someone who said millennials are too sensitive.

CHSommers, mondoblando / Via twitter.com

#3 This millennial had a great comeback to that tired “participation trophy” joke.

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#4 This millennial had an A+ response to an article mocking young people for learning life skills.

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#5 This millennial let Time magazine know what’s up.

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#6 This millennial had some ~thoughts~ for a white dude who thinks privilege doesn’t exist.

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#7 This millennial was sick of being accused of “killing” industries.

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#8 This millennial had no time for stupid questions.

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#9 This person got a little sassy with a boomer who complained about “spoiled millennials.”

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#10 This person clapped back at Debra after she attacked millennials’ work ethic.

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#11 This millennial pointed out the real reason young people are forced to move back in with their parents.

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#12 This person told off a baby boomer who mocked millennial cooking skills.

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#13 This young person proudly stood up for dumb millennial trends.

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#14 This millennial roasted a boomer who called young people “snowflakes” for…wearing helmets.

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#15 This young person perfectly encapsulated all the flaws in boomer logic.

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#16 And finally, this millennial put everything into perspective.

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