It’s weird how when I don’t respond to someone’s email, it’s because I’m busy, but when other people don’t respond to my emails, it’s because they hate me.
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Having anxiety is just texting “are you mad at me” to everyone you love over and over until you die
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i noticed u used “haha” instead of “hahah” so i’m just wondering why u fu*king hate me
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literally no one:
me: are you mad at me. you seem like ur mad at me
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My therapist and I were talking about how I overanalyze every interaction and think I’ve done something to make people hate me. Then she told me she’s taking a break from doing therapy for a few months. Then we ended my session 20 mins early.
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me to my dentist when I have a cavity: are you mad at me :(
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I always convince myself ppl are mad at me. Boss hasn’t responded to my email in 4 minutes? He’s furious. Bff didn’t pick up my call? She can’t stand me. Stranger smiled at me? Wants me DEAD!!!!
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My man:
My man:
Me: So why exactly do you hate me
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sometimes when i’m driving and i don’t see cars for a while i get this terrible fear that my town is doing a whole day where they leave and celebrate how much they hate me like in spongebob
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before i convince myself that all of my close friends hate me does anyone wanna admit they got a crush on me
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my new year’s resolution is to have healthier thought patterns bc as of right now someone can text me “ok” instead of “ok!” & i’ll be in my head assuming they hate me and are praying for my untimely demise
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my kink is asking people who are not mad at me if they’re mad at me until they become mad at me
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since i’m convinced that you hate me due to the lack of expression in your last text i’ll be waiting for you to double text me until further notice
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police officer: please step out of the vehicle
me: are u mad at me
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just had a thought….everyone hates me and is plotting against me ? just an idea that popped up
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murderer: any last words?
me: are u mad at me? :/
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i won’t respond to any messages for days, unless it’s someone i really wanna talk to, n i’ll just let them pile up because i don’t have the energy….. but as soon as someone leaves me on read i’m like…… alright damn so u hate me
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no one:
me: lol do you hate me?:(
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