#1 We said “bye” to September and “hello” to October!!!

woIgang / Via twitter.com

#2 This bird broke the law but remained anonymous:

CampbellxEmma / Via twitter.com

#3 Lizzo and The Aristocats came together in an absolutely PURRFECT collaboration!!!

#4 FAFSA season rolled around again:

#5 This dad already won Halloween:

#6 Andrew Garfield wore giant pants and that’s it that’s the tweet:

#7 This little guy was really going through it:

#8 Things got ~wild~ on the tarmac:

#9 Bill Hader dancing became one of the top memes of the year!!!

#10 This kitty really tried their best!!!

#11 This old clip from the truTV show, South Beach Tow, made the rounds again and it’s…a lot:

#12 Kids took over Animojis and it was 1) wholesome, 2) adorable, and 3) perfect:

#13 Reese Witherspoon became a TikTok Mom™ and, quite frankly, it was iconic:

#14 And finally, this mom was a true meme:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: woIgang / twitter.com