#1 First off, why do you go so big at Halloween?

creaturedoom / Via instagram.com

#2 How come you start prepping for Halloween so early?

phctogenic / Via twitter.com

#3 Why do you all spend so much money on Halloween?

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American planned to spend an average $86.79 last year.
NRF / Via nrf.com

#4 Do your dogs mind being stuffed into lil’ cute costumes?

hopereyes24 / Via twitter.com

#5 How did you get so damn good at pumpkin carving?

lizzy_k_white / Via twitter.com

#6 And is going to the pumpkin patch connected to Halloween or do you guys just really like pumpkins?

hannahwoodfinphotography / Via instagram.com

#7 Do you actually send Halloween greeting cards?!

hallmarkticescorner / Via instagram.com

#8 Do you actually TP houses if they don’t get into the spooky holiday spirit?

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#9 What is candy corn?! And why is it such a hotly contested confectionary snack?

bi_saxy / Via twitter.com

#10 Is it true that some houses actually give out super healthy snacks instead of candy?

morgane_97427 / Via instagram.com

#11 I want to know whether Halloween at Disneyworld and Disneyland is as incredible as it looks?

smuhr86 / Via instagram.com

#12 And finally, what actually constitutes as a Halloween costume to you guys?

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Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: lizzy_k_white / twitter.com