#1 College professors are very secretive people:

metayamarkley / Via twitter.com

#2 They are super intense:

JordanRutledge / Via twitter.com

#3 And they aren’t afraid to lay down the law:

elizwsmith / Via twitter.com

#4 College professors have no patience for tardiness:

DrewLindler / Via twitter.com

#5 They are SUPER strict with directions:

Jmags1012 / Via twitter.com

#6 College professors rarely make mistakes:

liv_reed17 / Via twitter.com

#7 They don’t make promises they can’t keep:

baileyyknapp / Via twitter.com

#8 And they make zero effort to get to know the students:

ColIegeStudent / Via twitter.com

#9 They’re super formal:

maaddialt / Via twitter.com

#10 And they only dress in the finest clothing:

hannah_sweenney / Via twitter.com

#11 College professors take tests very seriously:

umtatiana / Via twitter.com

#12 College professors have no time for jokes:

ericashown / Via twitter.com

#13 They rarely give extra credit:

JakeFarley_ / Via twitter.com

#14 College professors only cancel class if the situation is truly desperate:

samsaffold / Via twitter.com

#15 Like, truly desperate:

porkironandwine / Via twitter.com

#16 They have no time for fun and games:

emclairefarrell / Via twitter.com

#17 They don’t appreciate any funny business:

#18 College professors have absolutely no room for failure:

#19 Super, super serious:

#20 And they’re super intimidating:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: DrewLindler / twitter.com, hannah_sweenney / twitter.com