#1 A true masterpiece taken among rusty rebar and trass.

SiiirCaustic / Via twitter.com

#2 The closet, some tulle — and you… Your romantic photo is ready to be posted.

distressyy / Via twitter.com

#3 Popcorn swimming pool actually turned out to be a cardboard box.

arrobabr / Via instagram.com

#4 This looks like a rainforest.

ehnarty / Via twitter.com

#5 You can find a cute flower bed even at a gas station!

spencwoe / Via twitter.com

#6 Nothing unusual about this fence but the photo is magnetic!

claudiagomeztv / Via twitter.com

#7 The fairy tale entrance

PedroEspronceda / Via twitter.com

#8 Just a cottage house fence, but it looks so cool!

adumonBE / Via twitter.com

#9 The backstage of beauty photos in a small bathroom

hihibritneyy / Via twitter.com

#10 The older and the rustier a building is, the better the background it makes for a photo.

Mr_Posi / Via twitter.com

#11 While you are waiting for your order in a cafe, you can take a cool portrait.

IkeGotJuice / Via twitter.com

#12 Any tree or bush always looks great. It doesn’t matter where it grows.

joshuaburchh / Via twitter.com

#13 What a great background in such a boring location.

im_jayce / Via twitter.com

#14 Dark glasses, the right face, and a supermarket cart in the parking lot are all you need for an epic photo.

hspm_ / Via twitter.com

#15 An unusual angle, a talented photographer, and the right editing make a boring parking lot into a great location.

YouAreMyBezoar / Via twitter.com

#16 The right angle can turn a regular wasteland into a meadow full of flowers.

lauren14677 / Via twitter.com

#17 Flower boutiques are great. Just make sure the owner doesn’t mind.

judybaddd / Via twitter.com

#18 Make the best of what you’ve got.

joshuaburchh / Via twitter.com

#19 It’s also important to not damage the flowers.

annacarringt0n / Via twitter.com

#20 A rusty fence that looks great with the brick-color scarf creates a really warm mood.

lvnamoth / Via twitter.com

#21 “Use mirrors and doorways to create depth! (The lighting is a nerf gun magazine taped onto a light and a flashlight with PS4 game covers.”

pjam18 / Via twitter.com

#22 Anything can work for a street-style photo.

_evanspear / Via twitter.com

#23 One person might say it’s a barn, someone else sees a photoshoot site.

hotagraphy / Via twitter.com

#24 A colorful background makes a successful photo 90% of the time. It doesn’t matter what you use for it.

fudogasm, fudogasm / Via twitter.com

#25 You can take a romantic photo in the slums.

trevor_norris0 / Via twitter.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: spencwoe / twitter.com