#1 The car is clean and so are the potatoes.

Prostoilogin / Via pikabu.ru

#2 Seriously, how?

bugikan / Via pikabu.ru, brightside.me

#3 How men wanna be treated when their ’boys’ aren’t around:

pls_stfu / Via twitter.com

#4 They said she’d only wear it once…

chosenplatypus / Via reddit.com

#5 “She’ll be a good mother.”

ihuzaifahaider / Via reddit.com

#6 Wow, this is a solid plan.

ZachSvobodny / Via twitter.com

#7 When you are bored while working at the store and you want to use the phones to tell a story:

hockeykeeperkit / Via imgur.com

#8 Maybe, there will be fewer divorces.

YaroslavLada123 / Via pikabu.ru

#9 Anubis wears Adidas, apparently.

shepkita / Via reddit.com

#10 When you are an introvert that needs private space:

a-me- / Via reddit.com

#11 It’s hard to argue with that.

_BlackZA / Via twitter.com

#12 An out-of-town pharaoh

WannaRide / Via pikabu.ru

#13 “One of my old teachers does different costumes for her yearbook photo every year.”

Mausbarchen / Via reddit.com

#14 This guy brought his ’Emotional Support Clown” to his firing.

PlanetoftheAtheists / Via reddit.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: a-me- / reddit.com