My boyfriend posted a picture and captioned “my wife” – Guyyyys I’ve been staring at this picture for 2 hours and the girl is not me
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A train ticket to Leeds is £125 but the fine for not having a ticket is £80. call me money saving expert
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Fleabag is just Miranda but for people who got a 2:1 in their degree
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Are we gonna get leavers hoodies from the eu?
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No one:
Leeds Train Station: here’s a brand new GOLD roof. We have decided to move ticket barriers 20 metres from where they used to be for no reason. HERE have a Lego statue of a man on a bike! We have installed a holographic maze outside the McDonald’s.
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Took is 19 year to realise subtitles on the tele are for when ya eating crisps
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If we ever get rid of the British monarchy, Buckingham palace would make a SICK Spoons
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As a generation can we make a pact not to give any of our daughters the middle name Louise? I’m sick of it
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