Going bankrupt from medical debt. (USA)
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upset? have a cup of tea
happy? cup of tea
bored? cup of tea
literally any feeling? cup of tea
edit: yes, I’m from the UK, tea is our answer to all of life’s problems.
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Everyone rags on the US for using imperial, but can we talk for a second about how weird we are here in the UK for using both inconsistently?
You buy a pint of milk or beer, but a litre of coke and 25ml of whiskey
People know how many miles to the gallon their cars get, but you buy fuel at pence per litre.
You watch the weather forecast and the temperature is in Celsius but the wind speed is in miles per hour
Most people can tell you their weight in kilograms, and their height in feet, and if they can’t give you kilograms they can probably give you stone instead, which is even older than pounds, which nobody uses as a unit of measurement, probably because of the confusion between lbs and £…
It’s a glorious mess.
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Putting broken glass bottles on the walls around your house so burglars cant jump it and rob you. I moved to Canada and they don’t even have walls around the houses! (Brazil)
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Unsuccessfully helping your dad look for one of his missing thongs and then watching him squeeze into one of your mum’s so he can go out into the back yard and get the laundry. I’m told the rest of you (incorrectly) call them flip flops. (Australia)
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Tax not included in advertised price (USA)
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Eating with our hands.
In 1969 (the same year the man landed on the moon), Miss Gloria Diaz coveted the Philippines’ first Miss Universe Crown. During the preliminary Q&A, she was asked “Is it true that you Filipinos use your hand when you eat?” To which she replied “Why? Do you use your feet?” and went her way to winning the crown. (Phillipines)
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Bears on motorcycles driving on roads, drinking vodka and playing balalaikas.

Hahaha! Gotcha. What I said was untrue. Russia doesn’t have roads.
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Direct democracy in Switzerland. It often baffles me when I read what the government can pull off in other countries without ever involving the population. Like…yea, you get to elect representatives but it often seems to me that those people then elect someone who elects someone who elects someone…is it really still democracy if you’re about five steps removed from the actual decisions? (Switzerland)
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Men holding hands in public as a display of friendship is normal in Afghanistan but super weird in the west.
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Being left off of maps (New Zealand)
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Having a reality tv star as president (USA)
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Being middle-class with a property having a 6′ wall, electric fencing linked to an alarm, automated gate and garage doors (with security clamps over the gate motor to prevent theft of the motor), security gates over every door, burglar bars, and a house alarm system with infra-red sensors linked to armed response with a reaction time of under 3-4 minutes. (South Africa)
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In my country you bike everywhere. Cars aren’t used much. For longer distances you mostly use train and public transport. Also being 6 foot is normal (The Netherlands)
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In my high school (US) we had a group of australian students come to live a day in the life of an american high school. They all thought it was so bizarre and cult-ish that every morning we had to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag with our hands over our hearts. I couldn’t agree more that it is, indeed, bizarre and cult-ish.
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Leaving your baby alone outside for their nap, even if it rains or snows. (Norway)
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Small talk in Poland actually is quite sincere. If someone asks you what’s up, you tell them exactly that it’s s**tty etc.
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Whole restaurants cheering when a plate or glass is smashed (UK). Once was in a Canadian bar/restaurant on holiday and a waiter dropped a tray of glasses, the local looked horrified when i was out of my seat screaming “wheyyyyyy”
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Eating most of the organs of an animal, I had some people look at me in disgust when I told them how tasty the brain and the heart of an animal are (Romania)
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We have no sun here. Around this time of year everyone start asking each other “You been taking vitamin D?”. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about feeling sad, dealing with the flu, or missing limbs… you been taking vitamin D bro? (Canada)
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