#1 Cats and birds are natural enemies, but nothing stopped this kitten and chick from becoming the best of friends.

Alexander Fedorov / solent / East News

#2 I befriended a parrot. She cuddles and purs like a cat.

dworkin18 / Via reddit.com

#3 Anjana, the chimpanzee, befriended a 21-day-old tiger cub as soon as she first laid eyes on him.

Barry Bland / Via typepad.com

#4 My 92-year-old grandmother is under hospice care. Her best friend never leaves her side.

snoblitz / Via reddit.com

#5 Unlikely buddies Ingo, the Malinois shepherd dog, and Poldi, the cute owl, take Instagram by storm every day.

tanja_brandt, tanja_brandt / Via instagram.com

#6 Lindsay, a 12-year-old girl fighting a rare aging disease considers a weightlifter called “The Beast” her BFF.

davidthebeastdouglas / Via instagram.com

#7 My friend’s uncle loves posting pictures with his bird!

Iraatsi / Via reddit.com

#8 You’re only ever comfortable enough to nap like this with your closest friends.

mac_is_crack / Via reddit.com

#9 By the look of happiness on this green iguana’s face, you know that marmoset will always be its bestie.

IN CHERL KIM / Via flickr.com

#10 Juniper and Moose are inseparable and scream friendship goals.

juniperfoxx, juniperfoxx / Via instagram.com

#11 My Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday this passed weekend, and a friend of my Uncle’s showed up wearing the sweater my Grandma had made him when he was a teenager to show her he still had it.

pushpathmaddams / Via reddit.com

#12 My cousin made secret friends with the little Amish boy down the road and he brings his little cart and horse to come say hi to her every few days.

CosmicHarambe / Via reddit.com

#13 A wild fox and a stray cat crossed paths once in Turkey and now they could be a Disney movie.

standstrong / Via imgur.com

#14 This 9-year-old girl is teaching the 68-year-old man that sells ice-cream in front of her school how to read and write.

oijuliana / Via reddit.com

#15 This 5th grader comforting his friend after getting out the first round of the spelling bee.

i_had_ice / Via reddit.com

#16 My nephew and his yellow lab.

uhwatwat / Via reddit.com

#17 The halls of a high school in Texas filled with students supporting their classmate after his mother lost her battle with cancer.

beet111 / Via reddit.com

#18 My son asked if he could walk to the bus stop a bit earlier than usual today because another little boy was standing there getting drenched.

Lady_of_Shadows / Via reddit.com

#19 That one friend who’s always your shoulder to cry on:

imatsol / Via instagram.com

#20 So much ducking affection!

ducksmakegreatpets, ducksmakegreatpets / Via instagram.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: Barry Bland / typepad.com, i_had_ice / reddit.com