#1 Meme-themed Halloween costumes took over Twitter and they were kinda perfect:

jesusthegenius / Via twitter.com

#2 This guy took his Halloween costume to NEW HEIGHTS:

Fu*k it. Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome.
___Conscious___ / Via twitter.com

#3 And these guys took their Halloween costumes in two VERY different directions:

#4 Courteney Cox brought back THE bangs:

#5 This Uber driver was really going through it!

#6 River the dog had the PERFECT costume:

#7 Stormi was a star on the basketball court:

#8 This guy delivered an incredible performance of “Person Waiting for Conference Room”:

#9 This car crash took a TURN:

#10 We were blessed with HUNDREDS of new emojis:

LilNasX, Emojipedia / Via twitter.com

#11 This lil’ guy just wanted to hang!!!

#12 Historical TikToks took over Twitter!!!

#13 Halloween in NYC just…hit different!!!

#14 And finally, Mariah Carey let us know that the TIME HAS COME:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: ___Conscious___ / twitter.com, aussiesdointhgs / twitter.com