#1 The sister who did it for the ‘Gram:

carlysos3 / Via twitter.com

#2 The salesman:

reddit / Via reddit.com

#3 The guy who hit some heavy, heavy traffic:

jallbate / Via twitter.com

#4 The lucky person who “found” a “painting” at a “garage sale”:

SPHERESMUSIC / Via reddit.com

#5 The person selling a couch from a pet-free home:

SayLittleDoMuch / Via reddit.com

#6 The person with a striking resemblance to her grandma:


#7 The guy who casually broke a world record:

ian_2101 / Via reddit.com

#8 Lil Bow Wow:

Al_Khee / Via twitter.com

#9 The person whose dog can operate a zipper:

killersayshi / Via reddit.com

#10 This Puerto Rican/Indian/Cambodian/Vietnamese guy who forgot to change accounts before lying some more:

Blackfloydphish / Via reddit.com

#11 Rory, who was busted by his mom:

peanutbutterpandapuf / Via reddit.com

#12 The Russian bot that hijacked this Twitter account:

debrahirsch1 / Via twitter.com

#13 The person who tried to impress Wendy’s:

Wendys / Via twitter.com

#14 This 15-year-old who is really smart:

Xalteox / Via reddit.com

#15 The guy who needed more self-awareness:


#16 These selfie-takers:

6ixice / Via twitter.com

#17 The guy who forgot how angles work:


#18 This YouTuber who may have exaggerated slightly:

tigerairau / Via twitter.com

#19 The person who had a Walmart story, because don’t we all?

princesslisa_ / Via reddit.com

#20 This commenter who simultaneously spoke their mind but also didn’t because their friend wrote it:

pmmealiens / Via reddit.com

#21 Rebecca and her three-year-old:

jack_mcgarry99 / Via twitter.com

#22 The financial expert who forgot how to math:

darthman156 / Via reddit.com

#23 The misogynists who got wrecked by a simple fact:

pliny_theelder / Via twitter.com

#24 And finally, the person who definitely, totally had a famous number neighbor:

ChrisEvans, niyahjimenez / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: carlysos3 / twitter.com