Redditor stillchill123 recently had the genius idea of asking Reddit users, “What is something perfectly legal that feels illegal?”

Here are some of the best responses:

“Taking many napkins from a cafe or restaurant and pocketing them to use as tissues.”
GhostOfAHamilton / Via

“Trying to lock-pick my own house because I can’t find my key.”
Silver_Archer13 / Via

“Going into a store to use the restroom without buying anything.”
DeathSpiral321 / Via

“Calling a teacher by their first name.”
WasteOfAir_05 / Via

Opening a drink at the store and drinking it before you eventually pay for it at the register.
“My little brother is the type of guy to crack open a Gatorade to quench his thirst, browse around the store and then check out the empty Gatorade bottle at the end.”
dkfreezy / Via

“Taking more than one free sample.”
TheMooseK / Via


Waxedjacketproblem / Via

“Having something of yours in your pocket while in a store that also sells that thing.”
inkyblinkypinkysue / Via

“Bringing home a newborn infant.”
MN-Frisbee / Via

“Filling out government forms. I answer honestly, but constantly feel like I’m going to misinterpret a question and somehow commit some manner of bureaucratic felony.”
Madrojian / Via

“Driving when near a cop.”
irishamerican / Via

“Ripping off a few bananas before you buy them from the grocery store if you don’t want the whole bundle.”
bearface7771 / Via

“Reading all or most of a book in a bookstore and then putting it back on the shelf.”
ralthiel / Via

“Walking into a beauty store and spraying some expensive cologne from the tester bottle before going to your interview.”
Jiggly_Love / Via

“Turning the light on inside the car when you’re driving.”
forumdestroyer156 / Via

“Buying alcohol for the first time when you turn 21 in the U.S.”
DoraTheExorcista / Via

“When someone orders a pizza for a group and you take the last slice.”
SwagDaddyMooney / Via

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