A couple months ago a gen x person pointed out to me that millennials always compliment desserts by saying “it’s not too sweet” and the burden of this revelation has been slowly driving me nuts ever since
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Of all the generations, Gen X has the coolest name, but is the least important one, and now I know how Pitbull feels.
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Sitting there laughing at a war between Millennials and Boomers is a perfect Gen X pastime.
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Gen X being completely ignored and overlooked in the Boomers vs. Millennials battle might actually be the most Gen X thing to ever happen to us.
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My son just OK Boomer’d me.
Bitch I’m Gen X, I will put you in a facial recognition database and drown you in student loan debt.
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Being Gen X, I was obligated to date and break up with several women named Jennifer.
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The first rule of gen x is you do not talk about gen x.
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I love dating Gen X people cos they got that old book smell.
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Boomer: And another thing, you also ruined–
Millennial: Uh. OK Boomer!
Gen. X: Oh, God. I’m bookended by lameness.
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[I pull the car over to the curb]
ME: Listen Zoomer, as long as the Millennials and the Boomers are at war, we have a truce. But make no mistake, GenX is nihilistic af and if you step to us we will let you drown in student loan debt.
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Gen X: We learned to program when we were young. Unfortunately the thing we learned to program was a VCR.
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Boomers: Watched Gilligan’s Island.
Gen X: Watched Gilligan’s Island in syndication in the afternoon at our babysitter’s.
Millennials: “Gilligan’s Island is racist.”
Gen Z: *shares nude pix in sailor hat on Kik with neckbeard posing as Chad, has never heard of Gilligan’s Island*
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what’s your star sign?
i’m a boomer / gen x cusp
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Me on a good day: hello fellow kids I’m ALSO a millennial who enjoys skincare, astrology & avocado toast!
Me on a bad day: leave my Gen X a*s alone & just let me sit in the driveway listening to Pearl Jam on a retro-fitted CD player in my SUV till the day I DIE
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I’m Gen X and all I care about is when I can wear tiny backpacks again
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As a GenXer I am uniquely qualified to be an expert on GenX. The core value of my generation is hostility. To your favorite bands, your mom, your politics, and definitely those shoes.
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I’m Gen X and our version of “Okay Boomer” was “whatever” accompanied by an eye roll. Oh man do they hate that.
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If anyone says “OK, Boomer” to me directly, I promise you I will go full Gen X Incredible Hulk on you.
*Note: Gen X Incredible Hulk is still green, but bursts out of a Bart Simpson “Underachiever and proud of it” T-shirt while singing “I’m Just a Bill.”
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boomer: millennials are a bunch of snowflakes
millennial: ok boomers
gen x: *rips bong* has anyone seen my pearl jam cd
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