#1 It seems something has gone wrong here.

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#2 Online shopping is truly entertaining.

MadiBryan3 / Via twitter.com

#3 It was supposed to be a “mid-weight knit sweater.”

titsmcfitz / Via reddit.com

#4 The dress with a wrap…or not?

bethanie_nicola / Via twitter.com

#5 Ordered this costume for my 5 year old..

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#6 I just wanted a nice knit sweater for the winter season and instead, I got a spandex long-sleeve shirt.

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#7 What was I thinking when I was buying this non-refundable potato sack for $60?

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#8 As you might have already guessed, I’m going to ask for a refund.

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#9 Well then, can anybody recommend anywhere I can get my head shrunk?

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#10 Do they think I’m Slenderman?!

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#11 What my sister wanted from the seamstress vrs what she got.I never knew this could actually happen to someone I know. It’s painful . The wedding is tomorrow.

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#12 I bought a dress to go to a wedding and when I saw it, I was shocked.

Missmachineee / Via reddit.com

#13 I DONUT recommend to buy it online.

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#14 The seller claims this is the same skirt that I ordered.

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#15 My sister ordered boots offline for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail….

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#16 I learned my lesson to never order a prom dress online again.

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#17 I ordered my birthday outfit and wanted to cry, y’all.

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Get it from Amazon for: $23

#18 How do you expect me to fit my body into this supposed size 8 dress?

_JuliaMagowan / Via twitter.com

Update: fits nicely around my leg!

_JuliaMagowan / Via twitter.com

More info: r/ExpectationVsReality, H/T BrightSide, Preview photo credit: _JuliaMagowan / twitter.com