Business majors be like my LinkedIn is due this Friday.
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STOP shaming and people based on what they study!!
Art majors are INSPIRING
Poli Sci majors are MOTIVATED
Journalism majors are DEDICATED
Business majors
Health Sciences majors are CARING
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The STEM majors and the non STEM majors need to put aside their differences and unite to take down the real enemy- the bourgeoise business majors
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Business majors be like ugh i have being republican due this friday
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business majors started the student athletes vs STEM majors vs humanities war bc capitalism forces unnecessary competition
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Business majors be like damn I got a pyramid scheme due this Friday
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No one:
Business majors today: yeah so we have this 4-hour case study in a class called GBA 490 you’ve probably heard about it
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Business majors be like I got a line of coke due at midnight
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Do business majors deserve rights? Let’s discuss
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How can business majors be broke. Just look at your notes
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If art majors have to take a math class bc it’s “important” then business majors should take at least seven ethics classes
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World war 3 except it’s business majors in college vs soundcloud rappers
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Business majors get the nicest buildings on campus and for what? they study for like 12 minutes a day
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Business majors be like “damn I gotta exploit the working class by Tuesday”
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