Going to target in your hometown is just an anxiety fueled game of hide and seek with people you graduated with and don’t wanna see.
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Haunted house : your hometown grocery store when everyone is home from holiday and you get stopped every minute by a different person and asked the same questions for an hour straight
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Seeing people I went to high school w is SCARY I’m just like “pls don’t talk to me pls don’t talk to me pls don’t talk to m”
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Every conversation at the hometown bar tonight:

“Hey!! Long time no see – how are you?”
“Good! You?”

*awkward hug*

“Good! How’s the fam? Working in the city now?”
“Great! Yup!”
“Well ima grab a drink real quick, let’s catch up later?”
“Sounds Good!”

*doesn’t catch up later*
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I like my hometown except no one ever leaves it so i’ve managed to run into almost every person I didn’t like in high school in the last 3 days
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Avoiding people at your hometown Wal-Mart is a very important skill in life
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Met a woman at the airport from my hometown. Pretty crazy considering we’re so far from home. I lied when she asked where I’m from, obviously, cuz that would have lead to more small talk. But crazy nonetheless
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An app with grindr’s distance-in-feet location technology but just so you can avoid running into people you went to high school with when you visit your hometown
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I want to unfollow so many people from high school on instagram but am terrified of how it might be awkward if I ran into them at my hometown supermarket during the one week a year I visit and now i know why every astrology app says I avoid confrontation
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Avoiding people you know at the gym in your hometown the day before Thanksgiving is sports.
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The idea that it’s a small world after all is lovely. Until you run into people you know. Then it’s horrific.
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