#1 The true definition of living life on the edge.

gowasugay / Via imgur.com

#2 Unfortunate placement of cardboard and a shoe.

Rkblack12 / Via reddit.com

#3 Saw this at my friend’s grandmother’s house. This is just dangerous.

fluffytoast12 / Via reddit.com

#4 Watch it fall.

HarambeSalamii / Via reddit.com

#5 Yeah, that’ll hold just fine

osoroco / Via reddit.com

#6 Inception even Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t want.

mike_pants / Via reddit.com

#7 Only the strong shall survive.

lambchop9876 / Via reddit.com

#8 The sun created a scary-looking shadow on my lamp shade.

Nizzler / Via reddit.com

#9 My wife left the gloves to dry, I almost had a heart attack.

RoninGR / Via reddit.com

#10 I left my boots at the back door. When I was walking back outside I nearly had a heart attack.

WesleyRJ95 / Via reddit.com

#11 One mistake and it’s over


#12 Stress level: extreme.

IHaeTypos / Via reddit.com


AaronFireMan / Via imgur.com

#14 There’s no good explanation for why that’s there.

parkayyakrap / Via reddit.com

#15 I just outran a massive dust storm over Phoenix in a helicopter.

ggfergu / Via reddit.com

#16 I’m almost positive I’ve seen this in my nightmares.

georgedeslandes / Via imgur.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: gowasugay / imgur.com, lambchop9876 / reddit.com