Recently, Reddit user u/Mrs_B1979 asked r/AskReddit, “Instead of discussing toxic masculinity, what does positive masculinity look like?” Here are some of the best, most heartwarming answers:

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“Being a great and present dad.”
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“When I went to the gym after being sick all week, the most BUFF superhuman who I saw almost every time I went to work out walked up to me and said, ‘Where were you, bro? I hope you didn’t decide to change gyms!’”
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“Realizing that you can be strong and still be kind. In fact, the greatest display of strength is to have power and not use it.”
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“I think being able to process negative feelings and energy shows a ton of power and is an example of positive masculinity.”
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“Knowing that force doesn’t have to be physical. Like if you see someone berating someone else, you could talk them down without having to get to their level and yelling.”
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“Being confident and trusting in yourself so much that you feel safe doing things that are considered non-masculine.”
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“Expressing your affection for those you care about. Men can have platonic male friends and still hug them hello and goodbye. That’s allowed!”
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“Treating women (and non-binary individuals) with the same respect you treat men, which should be the utmost, because all people deserve respect and dignity.”
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“Just being aware and self-reflective about your effect on those around you, and look to improve and communicate.”
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“Knowing that going to therapy and getting help doesn’t make you any less of a man.”
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“Being protective, but leaving space for the people you protect to learn to be their own first line of protection.”
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“When I was in high school, I cut my finger and my teacher only had princess Band-Aids so I had to use one. In my next class, the guy sitting next to me said my Band-Aid looked sick and he wanted one too.”
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“I, a 24-year-old adult male, got lost at night walking to a train station my first time alone in NYC. I walked right up to the two BIGGEST guys I could find on the street and told them that I was lost and nervous, and they were kind enough to safely escort me to the train.”
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“Looking after your friends, especially your guy friends. Women seem to look out for each other in ways that men are taught not to.”
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“Positive masculinity lifts other people up to accomplish their best. It says that you can accomplish your goals, and you have everything you need to do so.”
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