When your ex tries to text you and say Merry Christmas, like no honey you’re feliz navidead to me.
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Men will break your heart and make you cry for 6 months non stop then text you “happy thanksgiving, thankful for you” at 2:39 am the day after Thanksgiving.
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I didn’t get a toxic thanksgiving text. I’ve lost my touch.
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Holidays always give exes an excuse to text you. “Happy thanksgiving, thankful for ya!” Like, you weren’t thankful for me when you were sleeping with 12 other girls, thank you, next.
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Y’all wait until the holidays to find an excuse to text your ex ? LMFAOOOOOOOOO I do that every other weekend at 2 am, we are not the same.
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Nothing says: “We should fu*k again” like a Merry Christmas text from an ex.
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Nobody is going to hell except the people who text they ex on holidays.
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Now that the holiday season is finally here, here’s a friendly reminder to not text your ex

Things TO NOT text your ex:
-happy thanksgiving!! Lol how’ve u been?
-merry christmas! Miss ya this time of year!
-new year new us? Lol what’s up?

Things TO text your ex:
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Drink more Jell-O shots than times you text your ex this holiday weekend
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I love the holidays because I always get texts from ex’s saved in my phone as “don’t answer”, “hell no” or my personal favorite, “Satan”.
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My ex that cheated on me texted me this morning and said “new year, new us?” And I said nope.
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dudes will look for any reason to talk to you when they see you doing good without them.
my ex just texted me “happy new year”
it’s february 4th
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“New year new me” she tweets as she drunk texts her ex
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Tis the season to get drunk & text your ex ‘Have a horrible fu*kin Christmas’.
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