#1 My daughter hates it when her sandwich is not cut perfect in half. My wife had to up her game to annoy her.

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#2 My grandmother turned 93 today. She’s always been a prankster. So all my cousins and myself decided to put 93 flamingos in her yard. We’re from the midwest so it makes sense.

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#3 My wife bought a book, and I made a summary insert for her.

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#4 My girlfriend’s brother hates Apple and I work there. This is why I have so many of these stickers and I’m happy to use them to decorate the house of my future relative.

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#5 When your dad is an Uber driver who sets his own rules.

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#6 My sister is visiting me for Christmas. I prepared some bedding for the guest room.

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#7 My sister’s perfectly timed photo-bomb attempt.

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#8 It’s been 8 days and my girlfriends mom still has not noticed.

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#9 Smashed my finger with a hammer, wife brought me this ice pack…

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#10 My son was shocked when he saw me with a wig.

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#11 My wife thinks it is ok to mix M&M’s with Skittles.

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#13 As a prank, my brother wrapped 8 pairs of my shoes up in tinfoil and duct tape. I’m 23 and he’s 31. We may never grow up.

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#14 I fell asleep on the couch. My dad decided to wrap me in toilet paper and take a picture. He thought it would be a funny prank.

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#15 My parents snuck into my apartment just so they could dress my cat up as a reindeer.

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#16 This is a terrible prank for people who are scared of spiders.

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#17 My friend made these for her kids.

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#18 Every year I try to disguise my sister’s Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far…

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#19 When a cookie tin is really just a cookie tin (and not a container for sewing supplies).

Rare one…..

#20 I think we found out who my parents’ favorite child is.

Late post but I think we found out who my parents’ favorite child is. from r/funny

And finally, When danger comes from places you least expect.

"Have you seen my son?"

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