#1 Well it’s still charging tho.

Well… i think the image speaks for itself. from r/Wellthatsucks

#2 This driving teacher who had to cancel last-minute.

#3 That’s a nice micro…oh fu*k!

Apparently my post isn’t appropriate for r/DIY so I’ll share with y’all. I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees! from r/Wellthatsucks

#4 Because that was obviously dry floor.

A friend sent me this picture today. from r/Wellthatsucks

#5 You’re suppose to put the towels in the washer to clean them not outside.

So, how’s your day going? from r/Wellthatsucks

#6 I usually turn my glass the other way.

Good morning… from r/Wellthatsucks

#7 Epic my friend. Legendary in your commitment to that drunk nap.

Great hangover from r/Wellthatsucks

#8 Love how the cat is looking too like “look at what you did you dunce”.

Feeling like Kevin from the office right now. from r/Wellthatsucks

#9 I love that they captured that one egg in mid-fall.

Somebody didn’t strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken from r/Wellthatsucks

#10 Some poor kid got sent to the fu*king shadow realm.

Noo this hurts from r/Wellthatsucks

#11 Don’t cook when you sleep, just sleep when you don’t.

Really wanted pizza, fell asleep from r/Wellthatsucks

#12 This person whose surprise went very wrong.

#13 This physically made me cringe so hard.

When your expensive car gets ruined from r/Wellthatsucks

#14 Mind the gap!!!

See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are my car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk. from r/Wellthatsucks

#15 Sooo… does this make you the companies bean counters?

I work at a small coffee shop. My boss just absent-mindedly poured unroasted beans into a batch of roasted ones. Here’s us separating 10,000 beans…by hand. from r/Wellthatsucks


When the bakers make the mix wrong and don’t realize yeast doesn’t just stop working because it’s in a dumpster. from r/Wellthatsucks

#17 Ahhh yes, I too remember being in high school.

nani? from r/sadcringe

#18 Thor hates brick mailboxes. Everyone knows this.

My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night from r/Wellthatsucks

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Nic0487 / reddit.com