#1 Still 10 lbs of ice for a dollar … sign me up.

10lb bag of Mice from r/onejob

#2 When Life hands you lemons… ….spray orange juice in Life’s eyes.

Lemon-orange hybrid obviously from r/onejob

#3 Theres an H missing.

Mmmm i love coocies from r/onejob

#4 Well after he died he started decomposing.

Best, or worst, editor? from r/onejob

#5 D’ough!

When the bakers make the mix wrong and then forget yeast don’t just stop working because it’s in a dumpster… from r/onejob

#6 I am a concern spoon.

Yes Don’t the food from r/onejob

#7 So far, as advertising campaigns go, this has been extremely successful.

Meth, I’m on it from r/onejob

#8 Jesus Christ Mother Mary and Joseph…

This Finding Dory night light is perfect for kids! from r/onejob

#9 This is actually a brilliant marketing move. Makes the ad memorable and possibly viral.

Food may contain human flesh from r/onejob

#10 The person was high.

You had one jobby job-job from r/onejob

#11 Interesting fact: you can throw a lightened cigarette inside that tank and nothing will happen. diesel requires a lot of heat to fire.

Don’t worry boss, I wrote from r/onejob

#12 I wonder if someone else got 2 Stra Thi.

How did they mess that up from r/onejob

#13 When you have two families.

I diD tHe jOb bOsS. from r/onejob

#14 It said it holds that much. It didn’t say for how long.

Hmm ok then from r/onejob

#15 I tried it with Siri. She gave me a note with “My location.”

Helpful for finding your car from r/onejob

#16 In case you lose one.

15 straws. Thanks. from r/onejob

#17 It actually looks good.

They’re different colors? Super hard from r/onejob

#18 A limit of one shelf per household.

Nice, fooled me again. from r/onejob

#19 I pou’ʇ sǝǝ ʇɥǝ dɹoqlǝɯ ɥǝɹǝ

Something’s wrong, I can feel it… from r/onejob

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