#1 How?

My friends bathroom sink attached to a door! from r/CrappyDesign

#2 You’re in the US I guess?

The dividers in this stall are way too high up. They could see my thighs. from r/CrappyDesign

#3 I wonder who’s p*ed in them so far…

Guess what I thought these were when I went to the bathroom… they’re SINKS. from r/CrappyDesign

#4 Good thing the glass is slightly wiggly, otherwise it would be possible to see through it.

These bathroom stalls from r/CrappyDesign

#5 And it has a partial height wall so even if it did have a door, the stench would waft through the house.

My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house from r/CrappyDesign

#6 Ha! Is this real? How was it described in the ad?

The ‘bathroom’ in my Airbnb will 100% result in shitty encounters with the host from r/CrappyDesign

#7 WTF

This blind in my hotel room is the only thing hiding the shower, and it’s only accessible from outside the bathroom from r/CrappyDesign

#8 At least it isn’t shag pile and avocado green.

So my dad renovated the bathroom upstairs with… carpet. I hate it. from r/CrappyDesign

#9 This is just aggressively crappy.

This hotel bathroom from r/CrappyDesign

#10 You’d never need a towel again! Just rub yourself up and down the walls, genius.

Saw the last carpet in the bathroom so I raise you CARPET WALL BATHROOM from r/mildlyinfuriating

#11 They like smash so what.

Bathroom mirror at my girlfriend’s salon. from r/CrappyDesign

#12 Report it to HR. That’s why they exist.

This should be illegal. Work bathroom. from r/CrappyDesign

#13 That hurts my eyes.

This bathroom from r/mildlyinfuriating

#14 It’s called TurdSwirl Surprise.

Look what I found in a bathroom from r/CrappyDesign

#15 This bathroom door that requires you to enter it sideways.

The door in my hotel bathroom from r/mildlyinfuriating

#16 This looks like pi*s poor design.

this bathroom floor from r/CrappyDesign

#17 I refuse to believe this isn’t a fisher price dollhouse bathroom set.

So my cousin bought a new house and this is one of the two bathrooms… from r/CrappyDesign

Preview photo credit: Me_llamo_Patrick / reddit.com