#1 This ex thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with a guy named Michael

#2 And this ex was suspicious of Arnold Palmer.

#3 This ex wanted his check back

#4 This ex told his new girlfriend that his ex was his aunt

#5 This ex — and his mom — are just the worst

#6 This ex is angry and clearly not over it

#7 This ex thought Joanne was one of his girlfriend’s “hoe-ass friends”

#8 This ex told THE DUMBEST lie

#9 This ex thought his girlfriend was cheating when she was getting her hair done

#10 This ex got mad over a dog

#11 This ex did this douschey prank on Instagram

#12 This girl’s ex used got to get mad about selfies — now, she’s got a better man

tzdsophie / Via twitter.com

#13 This ex denied leaving a comment — despite black-and-white proof

#14 And finally, this ex left a very, very, very strange comment on Instagram

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