1. This passive-aggressive bird, who will totally say “nothing, I’m fine” if you ask what’s wrong.

2. This nosy neighbor, who probably complains to the landlord about how loud you are when you weren’t even home.

3. This cat, who will definitely post on Facebook about how they “almost died.”

4. This monkey, who is completely obsessed with his Instagram account.


5. This kitty, who just LOVES to complain about her problems, but does absolutely nothing to solve them.

6. This dog, who always has to play the hero.

7. This feline, who can’t see anything rustic without trying to claim it for his own ~aesthetic~.

8. This cat, who doesn’t give a shit if you’ve been worried sick.


9. This doggo, who thinks anything and everything is for him.

10. This cow, who knows she’s not allowed on the couch but just breaks the rules anyway.

11. This pupper, who can’t just enjoy the pumpkin patch, nooooo, it has to turn into a whole thing.

12. This cat, who you just know hangs around this wall all day, hoping people will recognize him.

13. This clowder of cats who, give me a break, completely know how fucking creepy they’re acting.

14. This kitten, who ignores your calls when you two have plans, and then later on is like, “Oh, sorry, I fell asleep.”

15. This attention-seeker, who just assumes all the spotlights are to help highlight their importance.

16. These cats, who can’t over their thirst for revenge.

17. And these cats, who would rather feud and squabble than develop a healthy relationship with each other.

18. This cat, who definitely thinks you’re intimidated by the size of his hat and just stares you down when you’re both in line at the gas station.

19. And finally, this cow with no sense of personal boundaries, like goddamn relax and take a step back, Sharon.