#1 What are the odds a fire breaks out and they need to break my windows to get to the fire hydrant? Probably zero.

sporno / Via instagram.com

#2 Don’t worry, if I need to see, I’ll just roll the window down and stick my head out.

Square-wave / Via reddit.com

#3 I bet if I try to drive through it, the gate will move up.

jaycanes_ / Via instagram.com

#4 My imaginary friend always parks in front of me, this is as far as I can pull up!

tinywahinesurfer / Via instagram.com

#5 Honestly, it’s such a smoother drive with seven wheels.

Thumbs0fDestiny / Via reddit.com

#6 You’re telling me trees aren’t parking stalls?

parkingtlv / Via instagram.com

#7 This spot was really close to the entrance! I don’t mind crawling through the passenger side and I’m sure the other driver won’t either.

daniel_hickok_ / Via instagram.com

#8 And you’re telling me these steel poles are for carts? I’ll never believe it!

fweechao92 / Via instagram.com

#9 I bet the two people I’m sandwiched between will leave at the same time as me, so it will be super easy to get out.

canyoupark / Via instagram.com

#10 When you drive a Bentley, you can park wherever you want! Yes, that includes in front of driveways.

yavorgt / Via instagram.com

#11 Transporting a fridge in compact car should work fine. People do it all the time, I’m sure.

ShaKeyJ101 / Via reddit.com

#12 Ah, the perfect hiding spot! You can’t even tell I parked on the sidewalk.

iparcheggidimilano / Via instagram.com

#13 Sure why not

parkingtlv / Via instagram.com

#14 I should be here. It’s the trash can that should not.

annasnyder331 / Via instagram.com

#15 Is parking in the same direction on certain sides of the street a thing? Never heard of it.

badpriusdrivers / Via instagram.com

#16 As long as you strap ‘em in, they’re secure.

reddit / Via reddit.com

And let’s just leave on a friendly reminder: If you’re gonna operate a vehicle, be considerate of other drivers.

erinmarielyn / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: erinmarielyn / instagram.com, daniel_hickok_ / instagram.com