#1 This bar has a TV constantly playing Star Wars movies above each urinal.

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#2 For a difficult morning.

The “Hangover” bar works 3 days a week — from Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It was created for those who’ve had a very merry previous night and want a little warmth and home comfort. The visitors are checked for their degree of intoxication at the entrance and depending on the result they are either sent to lie in bed, to eat pizza, or to drink tea.
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#3 Went to this restaurant today. I appreciated their honesty..

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#4 This one’s for those people who always find a way out of any situation.

The name of the bar is “At Work.”

#5 Just a meringue served on a magnetically levitated pillow. Nothing special…


#6 When you’re a badass inside.

Local authorities prohibited bars from putting tables on the sidewalks. The owners found a way out — they made a summer terrace on the back of a truck that was parked nearby. Legally everything is OK.
Bruno Maia de Alencar / Via facebook.com

#7 This French bar serves wine in baby bottles.

Le refuge des fondus / Via facebook.com

#8 The local bar has metal coasters made from cars wrecked in drunk driving accidents.

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#9 Well, life is unpredictable…

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#10 A special note for those who don’t like confusing situations.

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#11 Really strange, but it looks tasty.

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#12 For those who know a lot about stories.

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#13 This dessert is called “Mother’s favorite flower.”

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#14 This car themed restaurant has awesome sinks.


#15 The edge of the knife in this Swiss restaurant was shaped to show off many of the peaks found in the Swiss Alps.

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#16 No money to pay for a meal? No problem – just work for 50 minutes.

That is the recipe to combat hunger for Ms Sekai Kobayashi, 33, a former engineer who will not turn away penniless customers at her restaurant Mirai Shokudo (translated as Future Eatery) in Tokyo.
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#17 This one uses the image of Caitlyn Jenner to designate bathrooms.

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#18 This bar has an aquarium in it.

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#19 This sushi restaurant has two soaps in the bathroom. One for before you eat and one for after.

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