New York Times editor Jenée Desmond-Harris recently shared on Twitter her landlord’s unexpected ‘life skills blindspot’, and then asked the internet to share their own.

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People delivered all sorts of hilarious answers and some of them you might be able to relate to. Scroll down to check out some of the best responses:

No matter how many people I’m cooking for I always end up boiling enough spaghetti to feed approximately 67 people.
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I’m so bad at navigation that my friends use my gut feeling as an indicator of the wrong/opposite direction to go.
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For some reason I can’t grasp the concept of time/how long ago something was.
Dr: When did you get your last tetanus shot?
Me: Hmm, maybe 2-3 years ago?
Dr: Your chart says 1991.
Me: Yep, that sounds right.
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I have no idea how to make small talk.
Someone says “What’s new?” and my brain just goes blank. Can’t remember anything that’s happened recently or what my upcoming plans are, grasp desperately for anything to talk about, panic, drown.
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I’ve changed the batteries on hundreds of things but still have to check which ends the – and + are. Every. Single. Time.
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I can’t shuffle cards. I just mush them around the table until it feels done
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I can’t remember people’s names. 30 seconds after I meet someone I have forgotten the name however I can remember anything else cc numbers from years ago old phone numbers. Lyrics. No one has ever beat me at trivia but a name. Forget it.
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I can’t alphabetize things w/o singing the ABC song under my breath. And I would not be able to recite the ABCs backwards if my life depended on it.
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I cannot swim underwater without holding my nose. I don’t get it. I can’t comprehend how anyone does it. How are you magic people swimming under water without holding your nose? HOW???
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Parallel parking. Every time, 0% chance of success. We’ll just have to park six blocks away and walk.
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I can’t fold fitted sheets. And the YouTube instructional videos don’t help.
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I can’t snap and my child mocks me.
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Still don’t know how to tie my shoes. I mean I do but….not that one loop, wrap the string around, loop it under method. Grown a*s man out here still doing the two bunny ears. Sad.
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Definitely ironing. I can iron for 30 minutes and still not get a crease out
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I have a great sense of direction, but a lousy sense of time/distance. I’d be the worst police witness: “It happened sometime between 1:30 and 8:15 and was somewhere between 4 feet and a mile away.”
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I can’t ride a bicycle. I learned when I was a kid but then I didn’t do it for years, and when I tried again in college I couldn’t do it anymore.
Yeah, that phrase “it’s like riding a bike”? Is full of sh*t
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I look at an analog clock way too long before I can tell what time it is smh
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