Oluwaseun Oloruntegbe

It feels amazing.

I used to look at average guys with beautiful partners and wonder, how on earth did he get so lucky? But then I got lucky myself, and I’m sure other people now ask the same question about me.

This is me and my wife

Look at her, and look at me. I’m as surprised as you are.

Here she is without any make-up whatsoever (she only wears minimal make-up anyway).

We were out on a picnic in the first picture, and she just got out of the shower in the second. She even looks more beautiful without makeup. Can I tell you something, my wife never goes to the salon. Shampoo, hairdryer, and oil or what have you and she is done, and her hair still looks amazing everytime.

I once heard a quote, I can’t remember where. It said ‘if I’m going to wake up to the same woman for the rest of my life, I’d rather she was beautiful’. I tell you, I’m happy waking up to this woman everyday.

But like you’ve heard, I know it sounds like a cliche and it is a cliche, it’s not only her physical appearance that makes me happy waking up next to her. She doesn’t even seem to realise how beautiful she is. It’s her warmth, humility, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, patience and a host of other qualities any man would want in a woman that makes me attracted to her, and happy that she’s with me.

I see people having relationship troubles and struggling to find a ‘good’ woman and I’m grateful for how lucky I am.

It feels amazing being with a woman who is beautiful inside out. I love you darling.

Sharma Das

This is my girlfriend. She’s extremely beautiful and tall. When we go out people approach her all the time. People stare a lot cause of the tattoos and the height. I’m tall as well, so when we go out, we stand out easy.

All in all it feels no different from any other relationship. We argue the same, we laugh the same, nothing changes because of how each of us looks. She makes me smile a lot looking at her though :)

When we travel in Asia, people on the street always tell her she’s beautiful and very angrily tell me ‘you so lucky’. Some guys give me the ‘not bad’ face and I always burst out laughing.


I think it’s fair to say that in terms of attractiveness, I’m punching above my weight with regards my wife. She’s very attractive, gets frequent comments from other men, turns heads, and generally impresses people.

I’m a geek. If I turn heads, it’s because I’m drunk and being too loud. Not because people want to look at me.

I often wonder how I managed to create such a situation where such an attractiveness disparity happened. I think there is something in the idea that personality counts. When I put my mind to it, I can be tremendously entertaining, and I think my wife enjoys that.

As to the benefits conferred by having an attractive wife, there are none that wouldn’t be there were she not as attractive, at least as long as you genuinely love your wife.

A few years into our marriage, my wife got cancer. As she was going through chemotherapy, all the usual things happened, weight gain (they give you a lot of steroids), hair loss etc. She didn’t look her best. If she turned heads, it was to look at the bald woman.

What difference did that make?

None. She was still tremendous. I was still incredibly lucky to be married to her. I still made her laugh because of my dumb antics. We still got served in restaurants. We still had to pay.

Then she got better. She looks stunning again. She is still tremendous. I am still incredibly lucky to be married to her. I still make her laugh because of my dumb antics. We still get served in restaurants. We still have to pay.

I love her.

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