#1 Cheese will betray you:
Me at 5: I want to be an astronaut
Me at 15: I want to be a pro athlete
Me at 25: fu*k me how expensive is cheese
david8hughes / Via twitter.com

#2 You’ll never know what to eat:
Who knew the the most taxing part of being an adult is trying to figure out what the fu*k to have for dinner every goddamn night until you die
urbanhymnal / Via twitter.com

#3 Always be ready to drop $20:
As an adult, you got to be ready to spend $20+ every day just miscellaneously.
mellowroyalty / Via twitter.com

#4 Sponges are key:

adultproblem / Via twitter.com

#5 There is only one grown up drink:
I used to think coffee was a grown-up drink. Then I thought alcohol was a grown up drink. Now I have finally achieved full enlightenment to understand that it is water that is the grown-up drink
98fireball / Via twitter.com

#6 The grocery store is out of its mind:
Peak adulting is when you start using the phrase “they done lost their damn mind” regarding prices at the grocery store
Mariannoo / Via twitter.com

#7 Mail is terrifying:
I remember the way I used to get excited whenever I received a letter addressed to me when I was younger but every time I receive one now I think “fu*king what now”
lolzysz / Via twitter.com

#8 Your 2nd grade self was out of control:
At 25 I pictured myself married with 2 kids….bro what was I smoking in the 2nd grade
fivefourthor / Via twitter.com

#9 You got to be ready for the avalanche:
You’re not an adult until you have a cabinet full of Tupperware and every time you open it they all spill out and you can never find a matching lid for the one you want to use.
cowhitchurch / Via twitter.com

#10 Exclamations are key:
Adult email culture is ending every sentence with an exclamation point, then proofreading to see how many is socially acceptable to keep.
springrooove / Via twitter.com

#11 Everyone’s just winging it:
It’s so crazy that I used to think ppl in highschool were so grown until I was one. Then college students were so cool and had everything together until I was one. Then adults knew everything and now ima just tell yall that no one knows wtf they’re doing and we’re just winging it
okigboxl / Via twitter.com

#12 You need those extra three minutes:
I really be trying to take 2-3 minute naps in the morning, my alarm will go off at 6:30 and I’m like “I’ll get up at 6:33”
naailahdangor / Via twitter.com

#13 $100 is a lot and simultaneously not a lot:
$100 is basically an adult dollar
quisblake / Via twitter.com

#14 8pm is far too late:
Me at 18: as long as I’m in bed by 3 AM I’m good
Me now: it’s already 8PM, we can’t start a movie this late
adultproblem / Via twitter.com

#15 Sometimes ya gotta say no:
PRO: Nobody can stop you from eating cheese and Oreos for dinner
CON: Nobody can stop you from eating cheese and Oreos for dinner
JonBaker / Via twitter.com

#16 You’re always on the verge:
Best parts about being an adult:
-fierce trust issues
-always anxious about something but can rarely pinpoint what
-constantly on the verge of a sinus infection
-wait no
sarafcarter / Via twitter.com

#17 Sometimes you gotta put it back:
Y’all ever put a $7.02 pack of chicken back and got a pack that was $6.98?!
MuuFaSa / Via twitter.com

#18 It’s a lot like being stuck upside down:
Remember as a kid when you would get stuck upside down and start freaking out and crying because you thought you’d never get out? Yeah, that’s pretty much every day of adulthood.
lous_change / Via twitter.com

#19 And it never ends:
I just cannot believe I have to be an adult for the rest of my life
HopeRehak / Via twitter.com

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