When people brokenly speak a second language they sound less intelligent but are actually more knowledgeable than most for being able to speak a second language at all.
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Telling a dangerously overweight person not to lose weight because they’re beautiful is like telling an alcoholic not to stop drinking because they’re fun.
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Both concrete and glass are mostly made of sand which makes skyscrapers just really tall sandcastles
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The internet both almost killed off the postal service with email and then made it more needed than ever with online delivery
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If Centaurs were real, the bottom half would start walking around immediately after being born, while the top half would be all floppy for the first two years.
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Every child deserves parents, but not all parents deserve children.
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It would be cool if after you died you could see the top 5 times you almost died.
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Knowing you have the next day off is more relieving than the actual day off
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The spiders that live in Buckingham Palace now are probably the descendants of the spiders that lived there during Victorian times – it’s a whole parallel royal family but with spiders
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Talent shows like Britain’s got talent become much more disturbing when you realise that it’s just 4 rich people dangling money in front of poor people and telling them to dance for their entertainment.
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Whoever created the tradition of not seeing the bride in the wedding dress beforehand saved countless husbands everywhere from hours of dress shopping and will forever be a hero to all men.
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The sentence “Don’t objectify women” has “women” as the object of the sentence.
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When you’re a kid, you don’t realize you’re also watching your mom and dad grow up.
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Pixar is the version of Disney that just wants to tell the story without people singing every 10 minutes.
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11 babies have been born in Antarctica, and none of them died as infants, meaning Antarctica has the lowest infant mortality rate at 0%
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The Nordic people went from being the most feared and hardcore raiders,to being the nicest and politest people in Europe
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“So easy a caveman can do it” completely ignores the fact that cavemen were able to start fires without matches and could kill animals several times their size with nothing but very basic weaponry
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A person wearing a suit in a room of people in t-shirts is usually the most important person there, a person wearing a t-shirt in a room full of suits is more likely the most important person in the room
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Google earth is one of the most incredible things ever created by man but is taken for granted as if it were nothing.
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A college class is like Dora the Explorer. The professor asks a question, stares blankly for a few seconds, then answers his own question.
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