#1 When you want to sleep but still get a good grade

SGAG_SG / Via twitter.com

#2 The guy in front of me must have been bored in class today


#3 His teacher should be really proud.

zachkrone18 / Via twitter.com

#4 How did she even make it without falling?


#5 When you want to pass, but also want your favorite team to win.

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#6 Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese.

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#7 Sleeping in class level pro

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#8 This hero came in our programming class and blessed us with waffles, which he cooked at his desk.

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#9 When you need motivation to solve the problems faster

iambab_i / Via instagram.com

#10 When you really need to stay awake in class, bring a coffee machine.

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#11 This kid in my sisters 9 am class who literally eats a ginormous salad ever day

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#12 Which stage are you in?

ColIegeStudent / Via twitter.com

#13 Really, what’s wrong with this school?

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#14 It was freaking hot in class today so this guy…

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#15 This guy in my political science class was watching a Bob Ross video and following along in MS Paint.


#16 Caught one of my students “reading” today in class…

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#17 When you and your buddy have perfect timing, even when falling asleep in class

rogerstrand97 / Via twitter.com

#18 For when you’re in class, but you’re also in the middle of an argument.


#19 This guy who makes breakfast in class.

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#20 There are a ton of ways to fall asleep in class. Like…


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