all my friends: I love my gf/bf
me: I love burgers and fries @silmaaarkk

2. You know when you eat a hamburger and you don’t even remember eating it but then it’s gone? If you say yes we can pursue a friendship. @TinyJana

3. Nothing is sexier than a juicy burger. Nothing. Don’t fight me on this. @kennarik

4. Everyone hitting the gym, meanwhile I’m hitting the burger @allenyew99

5. Could really go for a salad today. With some tomatoes. And onions. And pickles. And beef. A burger. @LivyIsLove

images by @SquareCafeLB

Me: *stares deeply at burger patty*
Me: So you single??
Me: *adds another burger patty*
Me: Nah @The_Jake_Heath

7. Even tho it’s tempting, a gr8 way to reduce calories when you’re out to dinner is to skip the side salad that comes w/ your 1/2 lb burger @3L_belle

8. date someone who’s willing to give up the middle of a burger for you @carley_mcnamara

9. True Life: I ate a burger bigger than my head and I’m still hungry… @alishabrookw

Autocorrect changed burpee to burger.
Autocorrect knows me well. @FebWin