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Here’s how I make millions starting with about $100 USD each time. I could’ve started for $0, but I need to have a custom domain and needed to buy a few tools.

Here’s a screenshot of recent earnings from one of our 7-figure websites:

Step-by-Step 7-Figure Tutorial:

1. I went to Google and searched for the most profitable businesses/industries. I tried to find some that were obscure, like “Crane Rentals” and “Tree Removal”. I tried to stick with industries that weren’t very tech-savvy and I checked the top 10 results in Google and found the companies had pretty ugly websites.

2. I chose the top 5 types of businesses and then found the top companies that were doing it. I tried to find their revenue and also put their website into a tool like to see the top keywords people were using to find them. For the sake of this example, let’s say I chose “tree removal” as the industry.

3. After realizing that “tree removal” had the most search volume each month in the U.S. on Google, I then register a domain like “” for $10/year and then setup WordPress on it (use YouTube to learn all about WordPress, which is free).

4. Now, I apply my web design skills that I learned online for free, and make the website look great, mobile responsive and all. Next, I set up a Google voice phone number (free) to put everywhere on the site in addition to forms to accept leads. I even add an exit popup so when people are about to leave, it says “We Beat All Prices. Call 24/7″. This was done with a free WordPress plugin.

5. For the next 1-2 months, I write on average three posts per day on everything about tree removals, similar services, state-by-state information, and I even setup Yelp, Yellow Page, etc. profiles for this “business”.

6. I apply everything I know about SEO to each and every post and make sure each post is unique, easy to read, get links to my site from other bloggers, organizations, etc., and make sure my posts include images and YouTube videos. Eventually (within the first three months), that Google Voice number starts to ring and leads start to flow in.

7. I reach out to actual tree removal companies and let them know I’ll give them some free leads. If they like the leads, then we can negotiate a rate at which they’ll either rent a page on my website or pay for each lead.

8. The website I built on tree removal continues to grow in traffic (use a free analytics tool like Google Analytics to track how many visitors you’re getting) and leads/calls start to pour in nationwide. Soon, I’m selling these calls for $25-50/call with a 10% commission on sales.

9. After continuing to grow the site and start working with the largest tree removal companies that have locations in many states, I decide I’d like to sell the website. Who better to sell to than the company paying you thousands per week for the leads you are sending them. Explain to them how solid your site is and how much work you put into, they will already be sold on the idea and if they are big enough, they have the cash to pay you.

10. Negotiate for a high-multiple (5-10x yearly profit of your site) and you will walk away with 7-figures if you were focused enough and gave it enough time to grow. Otherwise, hold on to the site and continue to cash in, on autopilot since you aren’t the one removing trees or dealing with customers, just sending on the leads since your website now dominates the search engines.

This is not just theory, it’s something my company does and what many of us do at It’s not easy, but it is a simple 10-step process we follow still today for even our e-commerce websites. I even built and sold a very successful agency following this process for clients. Now, we exclusively run our own portfolio of sites and acquire other websites that fit into our family.

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