If the behavior of people waiting for Costco samples is any indication we’re all doomed during an apocalypse.
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Costco Samples Worker: Only take one, sir.
Me: *Mouth full of Ritz and cream cheese* Itch subose to come en bulk
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Paying for a boxing gym seems crazy to me–if you want to learn how to fight, just grab the last free pizza bagel sample at Costco.
ConanOBrien / Via twitter.com

Costco samples are like a secular potluck where you don’t have to bring anything.
ChrchCurmudgeon / Via twitter.com

What if I said I wanted it all, right now, with you?
Costco worker: Ma’am, please save some cheese samples for other shoppers.
GingerHotDish / Via twitter.com

I wonder what free samples Costco has laid out for my dinner tonight.
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syd_naynay / Via twitter.com

I wish someone looked. at me the way some folks look at those Costco samples
osoplain / Via twitter.com

I know you’re not supposed to hug the old lady giving out samples at Costco, but the sausage she gave me had cheese inside. Cheese.In.Side.
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You could’ve been anything and you chose to be the guy taking three samples from the same booth at Costco
GawdOffalTweets / Via twitter.com

Dating is like trying samples at Costco. It’s an easy way to get a free meal while you pretend to be interested in what the other person is saying then promising to see them again and never coming back.
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I feel ripped off when the only samples on offer at Costco are granola bars. We know what granola tastes like, Karen!
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