1. Christmas tree at a public library

Botatitsbest / Via reddit.com

2. Levitating Christmas tree

kristina.len / Via instagram.com

3. This tree that the art center in my home town put up.

strangeloop527 / Via reddit.com

4. My lab has a new Christmas tree…

EarthwormEd / Via reddit.com

5. I work at a tech company, this is our Christmas tree

fmudhir / Via reddit.com

6. I made a bacterial Christmas tree in the lab

LadyMario / Via reddit.com

7. Made our own Christmas tree where we are deployed

jerm1820 / Via reddit.com

8. My office Christmas Tree portal version

GOstrovskiy / Via reddit.com

9. My living succulent Cristmas tree

crazysucculentlady / Via reddit.com

10. Two hand saws turned into Christmas tree

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

11. Really tall Christmas tree in our neighborhood…

Hello_Wisconsin / Via reddit.com

12. Christmas tree at local sheriff’s office

catlvr34249 / Via reddit.com

13. Our slightly different Christmas tree…

SquibbVicious / Via reddit.com

14. My family designed and made a gingerbread christmas tree. The numbers say “Christmas Tree” in binary

IBorealis / Via reddit.com

15. My wife and I don’t agree on how to decorate a tree. 4 years ago we started this as a joke and it is still going strong.

TheArcticBear / Via reddit.com

16. ‘Green’ Christmas tree from recycled plastic drinking bottles.

sustainablemindz / Via instagram.com

17. I made an IT Christmas Tree made of Monitors

thatpartyguy / Via reddit.com

18. Awesome stranger things inspired tree

vitey15 / Via reddit.com

19. Instead of a Christmas Tree, my wife and I do this to my upright bass

DingoMontgomery / Via reddit.com

20. Vegetable tree

tabb_oule / Via instagram.com

Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: fmudhir / reddit, strangeloop527 / reddit