1. This dog who loves his doughnut pillow

2. This dog who thinks she’s a cat

3. This dog and his new smile


4. This dog and his love of bananas

5. And this one’s unconventional choice of seating


6. This dog who has mistaken fruit for something else

7. This dog’s reaction to being told off

8. And this dog’s slight predicament

9. This one who just wants to spend time with his human

10. This dog who likes to say hello

11. This dog who knows how to best pose for a photo

12. This dog freaking out about his pancake

13. This dog who just loves to share

14. This majestic dancing dog

15. These dogs forming a powerful trio.

16. This very protective dog who’s doing a great job

17. This dog who is a master in the art of intimidation

18. This dog who is doing a great impression of a concerned parent