I lay next to my husband and write songs to the rhythm of his snores

Get your stuff ready for the next day. I lay out my clothes and jewelry, get my tea thermos ready (this includes dumping enough water into the kettle), pack up my bag, and put my yogurt or whatever I’ll have for breakfast in a usual spot in the fridge.
It’s not as long-term life-bettering as some of the other suggestions here, but it certainly helps me get to sleep. Cuts down on rushing about in the morning, too.

I spend an hour thinking about brushing my teeth, then putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, setting it down, and forgetting to brush my teeth.

I live near a 24 hour coffee shop so I head there for some chamomile tea and to shoot the shit with the regulars. Since I’m an introvert, the socializing wears me out and makes me ready for bed when I get home.

I tidy my kitchen of any mess made from dinner (it’s nice to wake up to a tidy place!), pack my bag/make sure I have everything I need for the next day, have a nice relaxing bubble bath, then sit in bed and read until I fall asleep (usually very quickly).

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

I play this weird little game in my head where I try to think of a topic like “Foods” and then think of a food item that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Somehow about halfway thru it, my mind starts wandering and I end up finally drifting off. Its like I’m trying to bore myself to sleep.

I like to lie in the dark and imagine a world where time doesn’t pass, and where I can create anything (like I’m a god, or I’m in that dream in a dream inception shit).
So for example I’ll imagine I’m building a house under a river in the Amazon rainforest so I can watch river dolphins. I’ll slowly construct every detail of the environment, the room I’m in, etc. I’ll meet a jaguar and give it the ability to talk and ask it questions and imagine what it might say. I’ll get modern English translations of ancient texts and read them.
Basically I just imagine cool things until I drift off. When I was younger I used to enjoy going to bed early just so I could think about things before falling asleep.