Kate Scott

I’ve had many, but this one stands out because I think I was red faced for days:

Eight years ago, I was a receptionist at a flooring company and there was a particular tile installer I worked with who I swooned over. He was so freakin’ hot.

One fine day, he came up to me at the reception desk and asked me how my day was (I stuttered something back, I’m sure). He then said he was in a band and that they would be playing at his house for a party and that he would be stoked if I could come over to hang out and watch them play.

Oh my god!

I squealed in reply, “Ok cool,” in the most high-pitched, squeaky voice ever, then turned to go walk up the stairs, carrying a comically large stack of folders.

I made it about 2 steps up and—in my excitement—I lost my footing and DOWN I WENT. Papers everywhere. Thank my lucky stars he had gone out the back door already and missed it, but several coworkers saw the whole thing—and they saw my obvious crush on the installer guy.

For the next month, whenever he came in, my coworkers would stand behind him while he talked to me and they would make winky faces and shit. SO embarrassing!

It turns out that this swoon-worthy guy thought I was quite a catch too and we’ve been together 8 years now.

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I still wanna jump him ;)

Iva Izabela

One of my first jobs was working as a receptionist in a 5 star luxury hotel. It was a beautiful place, full of history, amazing old architecture and class. Working there was very interesting and fun for me. I got to interact with a lot of people I would never got to meet otherwise; actors, musicians, politicians, eccentric rich people.. it was never boring.

I have many stories from that period of my career, but one stands out when I see a question like this.

The staff of a luxury hotel is trained well. Our uniforms are impeccable, our heels a certain height, our hair and make up, just so. When we show you the way, we do it with our hand stretched out, pointing with the entire palm. We will never transfer you to another department, but will handle your request ourselves.

Our guests came to us, not for rooms, but for memories, and so it was our duty to give them just that, and make their stay magnificent. We really were perfectly trained, so when something really embarrassing happened to me, I reacted well. As I was reacting well, a part of me hoped the floor would open, and earth would swallow me.

Girls weren’t required to work night shifts, but some of us loved it and asked to work nights from time to time. Night was more silent, less stressful and relaxing. The night of my embarrassing event started just like that. I had few last guests checked in, shown them their magnificent rooms, and as the night came, I sat down to do some nightly reports. My colleague went for a meal, and to rest, so I was alone. I was sitting at the middle desk, here:

Image Credit: Iva Izabela, Quora

Image Credit: Iva Izabela, Quora

Opposite me were these magnificent marble stairs, leading to the rooms:

Image Credit: Iva Izabela, Quora

Suddenly, there was a: Psst! I looked around but saw nothing, so I continued working. And then again:

Psst! Looking up, I saw a man’s head, peeking from the stair railing. The head said:

I’m terribly sorry, ma’am, but I need some assistance.

I quickly rose to my feet, flashed him the most courteous smile, and said:

Of course Mr. Smith (it was important that we knew our guest’s names, let’s pretend this was his). How can I be of help to you?

As I started climbing towards him, he – the head – looked bewildered and uncomfortable. It confused me, but too quickly I realized why.

Mr. Smith was butt naked, holding only a pillow over his little smith.

So here is when the ridiculously embarrassing exchange starts. I am shocked, of course, but my training kicks in and I pretend I am not weirded out by the fact he is standing in front of me in all of his glory. Still smiling, I say:

Mr. Smith, how can I help you?

Mr. Smith is a middle-aged top executive from Germany. He comes to us few times a year, and is a great guest. Never showed any perv behavior thus far.

He is red in the face as he says:

You see, the strangest thing happened, I was sleeping, and I guess I was sleep-walking and then I was outside, and my door closed behind me with my key card still in the room. I did not know what to do, so I took this pillow from the sofa in the hallway.

At this point I am both embarrassed and really amused. Making sure I look at his face (and only at his face) I smile and say:

Oh, I see! That is very unfortunate for you. Let me just grab my master key. One moment please.

I go to my computer, take my master key, and climb back to him. He is waiting, trying to look casual, sporting the pillow, chest hair, and red face.

We enter the elevator to the fifth floor, and I realize that standing in an elevator with a butt naked man is even more embarrassing than talking to him at the stairway. As a good little receptionist, I start small talk. As I do it, one part of me face-palms. Off I go:

Oh, you would be surprised how often that happens to our guests. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, it really happens all the time. Did you get a chance to check out that fish restaurant the concierge recommended? No? It is quite exquisite. And the weather! The weather is very unpredictable last few days, please make sure you do carry your umbrella with you. If you don’t have an umbrella, we will be happy to lend you ours. Blah blah blah…

Finally, we get to his room, I open the door for him, and wish him a good night. He gets in, wishes me the same, thanks me, and closes the door. I breathe out a sigh of relief. Our mutual torment is over.

Or is it?

As I turn to leave, Mr. Smith opens his door in a bathrobe.

Miss, I almost forgot! – he says.

And then smiling widely, he hands me the pillow.

The pillow.

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